Chris Sharma

Our climbing resources are finite, and it is important to support local organizations like BETA Fund in order to keep access to these areas open.

Jon Cardwell

Being one with nature is what makes us human. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has been important to me since I was very young, and preserving our outdoor environment is always a priority.

Meagan Martin

I choose to support BETA Fund because it is important to respect and preserve the environment that I love so much. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to spend my days climbing at crags and enjoying nature, which is why I make a point to tread lightly.

Jason Kehl

With the user group for outdoor climbing expanding rapidly, we all need to realize the situation and spread the word. Outdoor climbing is a privilege that needs to be preserved and protected, so everyone can share the experience.

Chelsea Rude

Preserving our environment is so important because it's our playground. It is the place where many of us go to release the tensions of work, the city, and our daily lives. For climbers, the cliffs and the boulder fields are where we go to play. It is not only where we challenge ourselves athletically and push ourselves to overcome the uncomfortable, but also where we connect with nature. If we destroy our environment, then we are not only destroying our playground, but also the home of wildlife. Where would we all go if we destroyed the one place where humans and nature can really interact?

Paul Robinson

I remember climbing outside for the very first time like it was yesterday, the smells, the sights, the feel of the cold rock under my hands. After that short day, all I wanted was more! Climbing outside is my life and to think of areas getting shut down is one of my biggest fears. I am super psyched to be working with BETA Fund to try to keep as many areas open as possible for the future generations of climbers!