How Long Does It Last

Even minute amounts of waste can harm animals and the environment. Be vigilant about packing out your climbing trash, and help spread the word!

5 Tips for Climbing in Groups

Before you head out, know that climbing in large groups can have a much greater environmental and social impact than climbing in pairs.

Gym to Crag

From lowering off anchors to hazardous situations, understand the differences between climbing in the gym and outdoors. These responsible practices help preserve access.

Poop: Human Waste Disposal

Everyone does it. Whether you're cragging, hanging off the side of a big wall, or making your way across a glacier, poop happens.

Bolt Basics

Better understand the materials that bolts are made of, the effects of age on bolting hardware, and how to know whether or not you can trust existing bolts.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

When you go rock climbing, you’re out in the big wide world. But no matter where you are, that world can quickly change from a benign sunny day to a stormy deluge.