BETA Fund exists to protect outdoor resources in the Midwest for the purposes of recreational rock climbing and hiking. We are committed to fostering an appreciation for the outdoors in current and future generations through environmental advocacy, educational outreach, and community service.

As avid climbers who have grown up climbing in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky, we recognize that our sport’s increasing popularity could generate substantial impacts on the natural integrity of our climbing landscapes.

BETA Fund works in partnership with local and national climbing organizations, private landowners, public land managers, and governmental agencies to help conserve and preserve access to our region’s climbing areas. We also believe that with proper education, our growing climbing community can be shaped into a powerful and effective user group motivated to protect and care for our beloved crags.

By utilizing our collective expertise in fundraising, legal advocacy, and community relations, BETA Fund strives not only to serve as a unified voice for climbers in the Midwest, but also to empower members of our community to become stewards themselves by raising awareness about climbing ethics, best practices, and opportunities to give back to the outdoor spaces we all love and enjoy.

BETA Fund is a member of Land Trust Alliance.