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2019 Recap

By December 31, 2019September 20th, 2021Conservation, Elephant Rocks, Projects
E-Rocks Bloc Party

2019 started out with a bang! BETA Fund was fresh on a high having Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) signed by both Missouri State Parks and Missouri Department of Conservation. It’s impossible to relay just how significant these two wins are for the climbing community. The MOU’s detail scope and responsibilities on the part of both BETA Fund and the state in improving climbing access and conserving the climbing environment. Paperwork isn’t the most Insta- worthy or glamorous part of our work, but it’s so critical in gaining administration and legal authority for any work we’d like to do. We’re also humbled by the trust these two iconic state agencies have placed in BETA Fund to help them grow their climbing programs. This is a big responsibility and we take it seriously.

BETA Fund focused this first year of DNR’s MOU on establishing the first of its kind, E-Rocks Bloc Party. While some climbing events have been held at park in the distant past, this was the first ever, modern redpoint-style bouldering-only comp. Over 60 competitors made the journey to the granite blocks ticking of climbs and celebrated with a bring-a-dish, family-style dinner. So good!